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James 13 days ago

Smoked Chicken Wings

Hands down some of the best wings I've ever had. Staff is great and they have an awesome rotation of beers on tap. Will be reaching out to set up my league's fantasy football draft here!

Dustin Schutte 21 days ago

Pulled Pork Plate

I've never had a bad meal at The Nest. As huge BBQ fans, my wife and I are particular about these kind of restaurants but this place delivers every single time. Great flavor on all meats, the sides are excellent and the homemade sauces are really good. Also love the huge draft beer menu.

Crsilva63 about 1 month ago

Beef Brisket Plate

OH MY GOD, the absolute BEST brisket I've ever had!!! The collard greens are also fabulous!!! I'm a GRIT, so I know good collards!!! It's now become a problem, I have to eat here at least once a week!!!

Jared.E.Leone about 2 months ago

1/2 Rack Ribs

Best ribs in Kennesaw! Love the nest!

Nolyatt about 2 months ago

Smoked Chicken Queso

The wings, Smoked cheese dip, and the collard greens. It was so good! Such a awesome ambience, the prices were amazing, the service was relaxed but friendly and deliberate. I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to take my husband.

Eubanksjames 2 months ago

Shrimp Taco

Grilled shrimp tacos with coleslaw and collard greens. Great combination. Try it, you'll love it. Try to get in at least once a week.

Emsgirl216 3 months ago

The Nest's Famous Ribs

I stumbled upon this place on our way back home from vacation. This is my favorite restaurant in all of Georgia. The ribs were so juicy and tender. All the other food we ordered was amazing and so delicious. I have dreams of their ribs ( we live in Michigan) and have been tempted to just drive down to eat here and come back home. They have some of the best hot sauce I've ever had before as well to dunk those amazing ribs in.

Cbahner1 17 days ago

Smoked Chicken Wings

Delicious as usual! Loved the guitar player you had this evening. Wonderful relaxing meal at a great place at great price! Thanks !

Stacybravo22 21 days ago

Beef Brisket Sandwich

Absolutely love this sandwich! The seasoning was perfect and didn't even need BBQ sauce!!! Excellent quality and portion for your money.

Rhett.Mitcham about 2 months ago

Beef Brisket Taco

Yum!! Where do I start. I have been to The Nest a few times and have not had anything bad. We tried their pork rinds this last time and they were so good. I've had everything from ribs to the tacos and it was all good. Their collards are even wonderfully seasoned. Whatever you decide you will not be disappointed.

Pennachio1078 about 2 months ago

Beef Brisket Plate

My wife is from Texas and together we spent 22 years there. We lived in Corpus Christi and traveled for food and fun between there San Antonio, Austin and Houston. I do not have enough fingers and toes to tell you how many eatem up joints we stopped at. Two come to mind one place in Lockhart called Kreuz's Market and the other is Franklin's in Austin. We have been away from Texas (but we visit because of family) now for over twenty years. In that time span we lived in Virginia and now 10 years ago here. We cannot count the numerous BBQ joints we have visited. Some that are on Atlanta's top ten list, that for the life of me do not know how they got on it. At any rate my wife and I just happened to stop in The Nest like we do any other place. WOW were we surprised. We both got the same Brisket plate with mac and cheese and the potato salad. Finally a brisket in front of me like it should be. NO dang sauce to hide the flavor of the meat. And yes it was tender and had flavor that took me back to the flavor of the two I mentioned above. The meat has to stand on it's own and man I wish I had bought a whole friken brisket from them. The flavor of the meat in Texas I think came from the post oak wood used in the preparation maybe with a little mesquite. I have a smoker and do my own and try to bring up or have sent some wood to me. At any rate great friken job people! I will not probably be back I WILL be back. And oh by the way,Keely our server made the experience even better. We were treated like friends not just another customer. Good job!

Onlineaccount88 2 months ago

Beef Brisket Sandwich

The beef brisket was very good, the fries were very good, and I also had the nachos for a started, they were also very good.

Kateschaab 3 months ago

House Pimento Cheese

The House Pimento Cheese is the perfect starter for a group; it also makes for a nice, light meal on its own (or paired with a taco and beer!). While pimento cheese is a pretty standard appetizer, the Nest's version is really good. The cucumbers (just dusted with sriracha) and crackers are perfect dippers and the pickles cut the richness of the cheese. Don't forget to add the pork rinds (if you like a bit of spice)!

Lisa 3 months ago

Smoked Chicken Egg Rolls

I am hooked on these. Can't get enough


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